Joining UKCTA

With a new regulator in place committed to reforming the model and practice of regulation, it is vitally important for communication companies to be aware of all relevant external developments. Membership of UKCTA offers companies a highly valuable and unique means of achieving this, including:.

  • A cost-effective means of keeping up to date on developments in regulatoryand public policy
  • The opportunity to discuss and debate policy issues with other regulatoryspecialists in the industry
  • Regular and frequent engagement with Ofcom and the Government

How to join

UKCTA welcomes applications from new members. For further infromtation:

Company rules

UKCTA’S primary objective is to ensure that the UK fixed communications market becomes genuinely competitive, an environment that maximises investment and innovation by all competitors and one that is free from undue discrimination. For full details see the document below:

UKCTA Company rules