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Welcome to the web site of the UK Competitive Telecommunications Association (UKCTA). Our aim is to foster a more competitive fixed telecommunications market in the UK, based on a regulatory framework that treats all competitors in this field equally and fairly. We believe that this is good news for consumers, the industry and the economy.  Consumers will benefit from greater choice of more competitive, innovative products; network companies will be in a better position to compete; and the economy will benefit from greater investment.

What we do
Our mission is to advocate industry regulation that is pro-competition and does not favour the nation’s largest monopoly incumbent.  For this reason, we focus on working closely with the industry regulator Ofcom, the Government and other relevant organisations.

Who we are:
We are one of the leading voices in the UK fixed telecommunications industry, counting the majority of the market’s main players as our members. 

Within this web site, you can find out more about our membership, how we work and some of the issues that we believe are fundamental to the success of a competitive fixed telecommunications market in the UK.

Latest Policy Papers:

26 February 2015 Draft Annual Plan 2015/2016: UKCTA Response to Ofcom Consultation

19 February 2015 Letter to Ofcom: UKCTA Regulatory Accounting Next Step

6 June 2014 Response to Treasury Discussion on rates

26 May 2014 Ofcom call for inputs: passive remedies

14 February 2014 Regulatory financial reporting:a review. UKCTA Response to Ofcom

14 February 2014 Annual Plan UKCTA Response to Ofcom Consultation