How we work

The way that UKCTA is organised combines the best of two worlds:

  • An open organisation that ensures all members have full and equally opportunity to be involved in development of policy issues
  • Focused committees and work streams – who are tasked with concentrating on specific areas, garnering expertise from our member companies.

    UKCTA Standing Committees

    Economic Regulation

    Focuses on issues relating to significant market power (SMP) and covers such issues as Ofcom’s strategic review and the specific regulation of broadband and voice markets.

    General Regulation

    Focuses on regulatory issues of an operational nature that affect the communications industry more broadly, for example number portability and dispute resolution.

    Government Relations

    Focuses on legislative and other government issues.

    Company rules

    UKCTA’S primary objective is to ensure that the UK fixed communications market becomes genuinely competitive, an environment that maximises investment and innovation by all competitors and one that is free from undue discrimination. For full details see the document below:

    UKCTA Company rules